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Sustainability reporting has become mainstream for large organisations, which are required to report across their upstream and downstream value chain.

For smaller organisations, this gives a clear case for its clients to include sustainability criteria in selecting suppliers and distributors. For example a large organisation introduced Certified Diverse Suppliers (CDS) criteria in its selection of smaller partner organisations in 2022.

Most smaller organisations recognise the need to engage in sustainability reporting, but often do no know how to start. They are also uncertain about the cost of such initiative and the complexities involved.

ESG Risk Viewer helps you prepare sustainability reports in accordance with the major reporting frameworks

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Start the process in ESG Risk Viewer. You will be guided by our intuitive AI-powered tool.

We can also take care of this step, so that you focus on your core activities.

We add the finishing touches

If you wish, we add the finishing touches based on the information entered on the platform


We assist you in filing the final report with organisations such as GRI

Even smaller companies can benefit from a focus on ESG. For example:
– initiatives that reduce waste and the amount of materials used, such as in packaging, can reduce costs
– reducing energy costs, such as switching to LED lighting, could also lower energy bills
– research (2) has shown that a higher ESG profile is associated with higher EV/EBITDA multiple, and a company that increases its ESG profile experience an even higher EV/EBITDA multiple

Reporting on ESG needs not to be mandatory to be done. ESG Reporting can
– Enhance the reputation of your organisation
– Help your organisation access green and social capital
– Help your organisation measure its contribution to Sustainable Development Goals.

Our easy-to-use platform makes ESG monitoring and reporting simpler and more accessible to every organisations. Visit ESG RISK VIEWER

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