Independent Business Review

We worked alongside a French-based accounting firm to conduct an independent business review for a manufacturer and distributor of carpets, and to produce a report for the attention of the company’s lenders.

The objective of the review was to provide answers to questions related to the financial health and strength of the company, including an assessment of the management’s strengths and capabilities, as well as recommendations on areas of concern.

The review led to the production of a 41-pages long report focused on the company’s activities, trends in the markets in which its operates, an evaluation of past and present performance, earning forecasts, cash flows, and related assumptions.

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“Two key strengths stood out to me. Firstly … a real curiosity around data and insight, actively exploring these to identify the ‘so what?’ in a meaningful way. Secondly, … the value of data, and aims to ensure it is meaningful and purposeful for end users – maximising … the value that it … can provide.”

Head of Policy
Large Charitable Organisation with Commercial Subsidiaries, UK